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Software development and SaaS for financial industry

Founded in 2007, Kajala Group has been successfully building high-tech products and services on three continents. Our clients include PURO Finance, GF Money, NordCredit ApS (Denmark) and Finvoicer Group. Kajala Group fintech systems, payment services, consumer and business loan management systems, and most recently, systems for receivables factoring, have processed more than $1B transactions. Previously, Kajala Group also spinned off Talent Robot Ltd., a developer of one of the most popular job search engines in Finland, Avointyopaikka.fi. The business was acquired in 2013 by Sanoma Media, one of the leading media companies in Europe.

Kajala Group primarily develops software using Python and Django Framework, but we have resources to develop C/C++, PHP and Node.js as well. Kajala Group has experience applying NIST cyber security framework to organizations and we develop all our projects and services using iterative system development lifecycle:


Learn about our software development

We provide a range of software development services for businesses of all sizes. Our services offer your company the solutions it needs to work more productively.

Custom software & SaaS

We build software and SaaS services for financial industry clients who need highly efficient and customized platforms. Whether you're a small office or a large corporation, we'll give you the service you require.

Mobile applications

It's not enough to have great desktop programs — your business needs to take its software on the go. That's why we develop responsive websites and mobile applications for our solutions.

Software testing

Whether you want us to test a program we created or test one you developed in-house, we offer software testing. See how your platform works before you roll it out.

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Take a look at our recent projects

Having the right software can make or break your business, so we want you to be completely happy with your programs. Here are some satisfied clients with a range of software needs.
Receivables factoring

We built a receivables factoring SaaS for PURO Finance, a fully end-to-end receivables factoring business management platform.

Accounts receivable factoring, also known as factoring, is a financial transaction in which a company sells its accounts receivable. Companies allow their clients to pay at a reasonable, extended period of time, provided that the terms are agreed upon. The system manages all aspects of receivables factoring business, from onboarding to receiving and importing invoices, availability calculations and risk management, outgoing payments and payment settlements.

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Rental management

Our rental management SaaS helps landlords reduces routine tasks and helps them to follow accurately their properties.

Rental management can be a tedious job. Even with fully screened tenants sometimes tenants are not able to make the payments in time, sometimes payments are received in parts, and sometimes reminders need to be sent. At the end of the years tax reports need to be assembled. Vuokrahelppi platform helps landlords to take care of all that.

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