Technology with an impact

Web Apps

Our strong industry experience shows as throughout understanding of software design, technology and processes and business from very low level programming to business processes and clear customer communication.

Our web application projects include a search engine for jobs and a system for financial service automation.

Open Source

We believe in giving back to the community. Our various open source projects include mmvc, a minimalistic high performance low-dependency component library for PHP, C++ 3D-graphics programming library slmath, simple UDP-networking library mnet, PHP-style UTF-8/script lib strutil for C++ and Node.js based server/toolkit jserver.

All of the projects are available under BSD/MIT style license which allows free and unlimited commercial usage.

Social Responsibility

Making a better world is part of our mission. We have been involved in multiple educational projects with world class institutions such as The University of Kajaani.

Bringing technology to those that most need it is another way we have an impact. An example of our pro bono work is, a website for a Vietnamese charity group supporting education of children coming from underprivileged families in rural Vietnam.